Hello and welcome to my page!

I am very glad you are here. As the owner of HarSource Accounting, I truly care about you and your business and your financial health and wellness.

I have over 18 years of experience, working in various roles in Accounting and Finance, including Financial Controller. I have worked in both the non-profit and the for-profit worlds and in various industries. In addition to my experience, I also have a Master’s degree in Accounting, a QuickBooks Online Certification, and a QuickBooks Payroll Certification.

Now I am focusing on taking my experience and expertise to the small business world. Being a small business owner myself, I have developed a passion for helping other small businesses grow and succeed.

I have a proven record of helping businesses increase their profit by optimizing their bookkeeping/financial operations and providing actionable data they can use to grow their business. I also like to help improve processes and practices to help save business owners hours per year, assisting or taking over their financial operations, all to free them up to focus on growing their business and the things that they are passionate about.

HarSource Accounting…I like to think of it as healing and restoration, your source of better and healthier books.

Here are some of the services I offer:

• Free Consultations

• Bookkeeping

• Payroll

• Accounts Payable

• Financial Reporting

• Clean-up and restoration

• Health and Optimization Evaluation of Financial Operations

• Accounting

• Budgeting and Forecasting

• Please see the Services page for a complete list of services and packages.

I would love the opportunity to speak with you and learn about your business and how I can help your business improve your financial operations and achieve greater financial success. Whether you contact me or not, I wish the best for you and your business and hope you find a great bookkeeper to help you on your business-growing journey.

Please contact me today!

To your success,

James Harness, MSA

Owner, HarSource Accounting

Quickbooks ProAdvisor Page: https://proadvisor.intuit.com/app/accountant/search?searchId=dlbujqdbp17g

LinkedIn Profile Page: James Harness | LinkedIn